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So, I’m noticing a trend in the Google searches that bring people to this blog: the Dashboard. Now, I am obsessed with checking my Dashboard. It’s a sickness really.

So, I’ve decided to conduct a comprehensive tour of the Dashboard — everything I know about it. No personal information–and it is accessible to anyone who has applied for a Disney internship or job.

The Disney Dashboard is really impressive and wonderful — I’ve applied to a lot of jobs, and the worst thing about that is — you never know where you stand. Many times, instead of sending you a “Thank you but we have decided to proceed with another candidate” e-mail, they will send nothing. I understand, who has time for that? In a world where hundreds of people apply for every job (in any industry it seems), companies don’t have time to respond to every applicant. Though, it is the polite thing to do.

Well, Disney has dealt with this issue and set up automated e-mails (saying that your information has been received or that you have been invited to schedule an interview) and the Dashboard, telling you of your status along the entire journey. Which.. is wonderful.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to what I know about the Dashboard. Please note that there are a lot of blanks in what I actually know about it, and there is a lot of speculation going on here.

One of the elements on the Dashboard is the interviews and events section. If you are invited to schedule an interview, it will be displayed here. From there, you click on it and you are redirected to another page where you can choose the date and time for your interview.

Once you do that, your status on the second element will change to reflect your upcoming scheduled events and interviews. You can click on this at any time preceding the interview to move it if something comes up, or just to view it again if you have forgotten.

This is your status bar ^^ The date listed reflects the date that your application was submitted, and the status is listed next to it. Here, I am in “submission” stage for one of my internships. There are still three or four that I applied to that have never moved out of this stage.

Another important element that you have access to is your Job Cart. This is really useful if you like a lot of positions but don’t have time to apply for them at that exact moment. You click “Save Application” on the site, and it gets logged here in a big group. Once you submit your application it moves out of this box and into a drop down menu. Click on the position in the menu and it will tell you details about the position.

When you select a position in the drop down menu, it shows the application history. For each of these things you receive an e-mail also. Here, it shows my application submission (1/24) and my screening interview confirmation date.

Unfortunately you “can’t win ’em all.” This is what you will see when that happens. No need to fret though–there are plenty of internships in the sea!

So, that is your brief little tour. But, I want to take it a step further and really speculate.

This is what we know about the status bar:

1. Submission. This means that your application has been received. All applications that are sent in start out in this stage.

2. In progress. This bar means that someone in that department has looked at your file and is interested in you. This is a very good thing. From what I have experienced, any internship that made it to “In Progress” made it to “Interview Stage.”

3. I’ve never seen what this status bar is. I would imagine that it is something like “Applicant Review” stage or something. (**UPDATE: March 5: “Preliminary Interview Scheduled”**)

4. Interview Stage. Here is where your application will stay until you get a call or an invite to schedule an interview. From there you will either move forward or are “no longer in consideration.”

5. Since I have no experience with the following stages, these are purely speculated based on what I think they could possibly be. I would guess that 5 could be a “second interview” stage, or advanced candidate stage.. some kind of “Applicant Review” type of deal. (**UPDATE March 7: Stage 5 is “Post-Interview Stage”**)

6. I think 6 could be the happy stage where you are “Accepted!”

7. I believe that this one could be something like “housing stage” or something similar regarding Orlandonian arrangements (or wherever your internship is located).

8. I would think that 8 is something likeย ย “Paperwork” stage where they make things official and plans are made for you to start when, where and how.

So.. there it is! My Dashboard tour. Are there any questions?